Useful Information

Finland is 2 hours ahead of GMT

The Euro is the currency of Finland
Credit cards are widely accepted
There is an ATM in Akaslompolo village (in the supermarket building)  and at Kittila airport.

There is a private medical clinic (Medi-Yllas) in Akaslompolo which is happy to see and treat visitors.

It can be very cold in Lapland in winter but because of the dry climate, with the right clothing it doesn't feel that cold!

January is the coldest month when the average temperature is -15C (it can of course be warmer or colder than this)

Our cabin is very warm with triple glazed windows, underfloor heating and a woodburning stove

Snow usually starts to fall in November and some lasts until May.There is on average over 1 metre of snow through the winter. Snow depth usually reaches its maximum in March/April

In midwinter the sun doesn't rise above the horizon. The ensuing magical bluish light, or Polar Night, is known as "Kaamos". It is not completely dark because of twilight and the bright white of the snow which reflects any available light. Many of the downhill runs and crosscountry  trails are floodlit, meaning that skiing is not restricted



Average winter daylight hours and temperature  chart
Month Daylight hours

Temperature (Celsius)

November 7 -7
December 5 -12
January 6 -14
February 9 -13
March 13 -8
April 18 -2


Summers are warm. Between June and July the sun doesn't set, giving 24hour daylight- the midnight sun


It is best to wear several thin layers of warm thermal clothing. Remember that when you are active (for example cross country skiing) you may get hot. Take a windproof, warm layer to put on when you stop

Don't forget your hat, gloves, goggles and possibly a thermal facemask if it is very cold

The sports /ski shops sell everything you might need

It is possible to hire thermal suits and boots in Akaslompolo for the duration of your holiday. They are also usually provided on organised activities such as snowmobiling

Snowboots are essential for walking around the village


Self catering is easy-there is a very well stocked supermarket in the village, selling everything from reindeer meat to more conventional foods. It also sells household items and pretty much everything else. The shopping centre houses the supermarket and many other shopping services including the Alko shop (for buying your spirits and wines) and a pharmacy.

There are also several arts/handicraft and gift shops and  well stocked sports/ski shops.

There is an unmanned petrol station at the supermarket


There are a small number of  restaurants in Akaslompolo, together with several hotels serving non-residents. Between them they cater for all tastes from pizza to traditional Lappish dishes. There are also a couple of bars and even a nightclub (in a well-soundproofed basement of one of the local hotels).  There is an afternoon skiboot dance at the YllasHumina hotel.

There are restaurants and cafes on the slopes and at both ski centres

The cross country ski trails are served by cosy wooden huts serving drinks and snacks

Don't forget the picnic sites complete with firepits and shelters (you might have to light the fire if you are the first to stop there -firewood provided!). Do as the Finns do and take along some sausages to cook



Drivers must be at least 15 years old and in possession of a valid, full UK driving licence

Don't forget to take your licence with you on holiday